2012 Alumni Volunteer Service Award Recipient

Scott Webb, MPA ’07

Prior to attending the Monterey Institute, Scott was a Peace Corps recruiter based in San Francisco.  MIIS was one of the schools in his region, and he interviewed and nominated several MIIS students to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers. While at the Monterey Institute, as a part of his capstone project, he was a part of the "Innova" Advanced Nonprofit Management team that jumpstarted the "Pizza Process," helping foster a culture of innovation at MIIS. His advisor was Professor Beryl Levinger, whom Scott met in 2005 while attending the second Development Project Management Institute course, and who was instrumental in persuading Scott to attend the Monterey Institute. Scott was co-president of the Peace Corps Club in 2007.

Scott currently works in Washington, DC as an Associate Program Officer, Relief and Humanitarian Assistance division, for International Relief and Development.  While much of his professional time finds him in Africa, Scott regularly speaks with prospective students, offers career mentoring to alumni and current students and continually submits employment and internship opportunities to the Center for Advising and Career Services.

Scott Webb completed his MPA at the Monterey Institute in fall 2007.  He also has an MA in International Relations from San Francisco State University and a BA in Political Science from UC San Diego. Scott served with his wife Andrea as Peace Corps Volunteers in Niger from 1997-2001.  He has three children, Ellie, Katie, and Zacharie.  Katie was born the day Scott began his MPA at MIIS!









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