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We’re collecting stories of how our alumni couples met at the Monterey Institute to celebrate their love for MIIS and each other. Did you meet in the library or in a class? Walk by each other on campus? Share your story above or email alumni@miis.edu to tell the story of how you and your spouse/partner met! You can view other MIIS Matches by clicking on "MIIS Match List" at the top of the page. 

Please email us a photo of you and your match at alumni@miis.edu and we may feature your story in the MIIS Communiqué. Thank you for submitting your MIIS Match story!

Featured MIIS Match Story


Pete Rogan (MATESOL '97) and Anne Gustafson Rogan (MATESOL with LPA Certificate '96)


I met Anne the first day I stepped on campus the summer of 1995. I was new in town, looking for housing and she was in the housing office, helping new students connect with landlords. It was love at first sight - she went out of her way to help me start my search and I stopped by the office often to seek out her attention. We were in the same program, so we had lots of further chances to collaborate and hangout – or just run into each other in the courtyard. After organizing a party together and having a fun and delicious dinner with Anne’s folks (our first ‘date’), we became steady companions, and the rest is history. We got engaged while still in Monterey and after comparing our goals for international adventure, moved to Japan for work. While in Japan, we got married, with a honeymoon to Thailand. (Funny MIIS connection - we ran into Peter Grothe on the return flight from Bangkok to Tokyo!)

We have been married 14 years this spring and have two kids - Mariana is now 9 and Caroline is 6. I almost went to SIT in Vermont and Anne almost when to the U of Minnesota. So it is oh so true that if MIIS wasn’t around, we would not have been matched up – thank you, MIIS! :) Monterey holds a special place in our hearts - and we visit as often as we can. While we now call Minnesota home, we have been back to Monterey 3 times since 1997 - twice with our kids.

-- Pete Rogan (MATESOL '97)

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